Namedre, Mesulame (2009) CASE REPORT A SEXUALLY ASSAULTED TEENAGER. Other thesis, Fiji National University.


Sexual abuse is a very common presentation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. There is a high incidence in our societies and it cuts across racial, socio-economic and every educational levels. This act not only involves physical powerlessness for the victim but also comprises of other aspects like psychological intimidation which leave both physical and psychological short and long term trauma. Although some victims are not fortunate enough to survive these acts, those who do need a lot of assistance to help them cope with their inner turmoil of mental
well being and physical manifestations of the event. Some of these problems include lacerations, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, urinary tract infections, etc. Pregnancy after a sexual assault has been studied and has similar global values across countries and continents. Coercion into sex at an early age will sometimes make a woman believe that she has no control over her sexuality or sex life. It has been noted that women who were raped at an early stage in life have a lot of unwanted pregnancies as a result of the feeling that she has no control over the use of contraception, etc. There is no limit to the age group that is susceptible to this crime and also affects
both sexes. There are a lot of risk factors that have been
associated with child abuse and sexual assault but it would take a multi faceted approach to combat this crime.

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