Covid-19 Unified Information System for Fiji

Kumar, Jashnil and Sharma, Neeraj Anand (2022) Covid-19 Unified Information System for Fiji. Covid-19 Unified Information System for Fiji. pp. 1-13. ISSN 978-1-6654-9553-0


Abstract—Even though the world is moving more towards a
technological era, capturing data, processing it into useful
information, and making correct use of it in terms of decision making is still a major problem faced across the globe. While
many publications discuss the need for information systems in
the healthcare sector. The Novelty of this study is it will discuss
the development of a Unified information system how it will
assist to tackle Covid-19 in Fiji. Firstly, the study will discuss
what is an information system, types of information system and
characteristics of a good information system, secondly it will
review current information systems used by other countries
through literature review, and finally with the assistance of
data collected a Unified Information System will be developed
that can be utilized in Fiji to have all information stored at one
centralized database. The result of the study will assist
Researchers, the Healthcare sector and Information Technology personnel improve how information systems can perform better in the health sector.

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