Packaged food supply in Fiji: nutrient levels, compliance with sodium targets and adherence to labelling regulations

Shahid, Maria, Waqa, Gade, Pillay, Arti, Kama, Ateca, Tukana, Isimeli N, McKenzie, Briar L, Webster, Jacqui and Johnson, Claire (2021) Packaged food supply in Fiji: nutrient levels, compliance with sodium targets and adherence to labelling regulations. Public Health Nutrition, 24 (13). pp. 4358-4368. ISSN 1368-9800


Objective: To estimate the proportion of products meeting Fiji government labelling regulations, assess compliance with national Na reformulation targets and
examine the Na and total sugar levels in packaged foods sold in selected major supermarkets.
Design: We selected five major supermarkets in 2018 and collected the product information and nutritional content from the labels of all packaged foods sold.We organised 4278 foods into fourteen major food categories and thirty-six
sub-categories and recorded the proportion of products labelled in accordance with the Fiji labelling regulations. We looked at the levels of Na and total sugar in each food category and assessed how many products complied with the Fiji reformulation targets set for Na. We also listed the companies responsible for each product.
Setting: Suva, Fiji.
Results: Fourteen percentage of packaged foods in fourteen major categories met Fiji national labelling regulations. Na was labelled on 95·4 % products, and total sugar labelled on 92·4 %. The convenience foods category had the highest Na levels (1699 mg/100 g), while confectionery had the highest content of total sugar (52·6 g/100 g). Forty percentage of eligible products did not meet the proposed voluntary Na reformulation targets.
Conclusions: Our findings indicate significant room for improvement in nutrient labelling, as well as a need for further enforcement of reformulation targets and monitoring of changes in food composition. Through enacting these measures and establishing additional regulations such as mandatory front-of-pack labelling,government and food industry can drive consumers towards healthier food choices and improve the nutritional quality of packaged foods in Fiji.

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