Building operational research capacity in the Pacific

Bissell, K., Viney, K., Brostrom, R., Gounder, S., Khogali, M., Kishore, K., Kool, B., Kumar, A. M. V., Manzi, M., Marais, B., Marks, G., Linh, N. N., Ram, S., Reid, S., Roseveare, C., Tayler-Smith, K., Van den Bergh, R. and Harries, A. D. (2014) Building operational research capacity in the Pacific. Public Health Action, 4 (1). pp. 2-13. ISSN 2220-8372


Operational research (OR) in public health aims to investigate strategies, interventions, tools or knowledge that can enhance the quality, coverage, effectiveness or performance of health systems. Attention has recently been drawn to the lack of OR capacity in public health programmes throughout the Pacific Islands, despite considerable investment in implementation. This lack of ongoing and critical reflection may prevent health programme staff from understanding why programme objectives are not being fully achieved, and hinder long-term gains in public
health. The International Union Against Tuberculosis and
Lung Disease (The Union) has been collaborating with Pacific agencies to conduct OR courses based on the training model developed by The Union and Médecins Sans Frontières Brussels-Luxembourg in 2009. The first of these commenced in 2011 in collaboration with the Fiji National University, the Fiji Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and other partners. The Union and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community organised a second course for participants from other Pacific Island countries and territories in 2012, and an additional course for Fijian participants commenced in 2013. Twelve participants enrolled in each of the three courses. Of the two courses completed by end 2013, 18 of 24 participants completed their
OR and submitted papers by the course deadline, and 17
papers have been published to date. This article describes
the context, process and outputs of the Pacific courses, as
well as innovations, adaptations and challenges.

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